How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023


The whole blogging industry has changed so much and is still changing rapidly! The one that used to work in keyword research, or some of you might call it topic research, may not work now or in the future. It’s either you get molded, or you get phased out. If you’re using expensively sought-after word research tools, consider reducing your costs.

So in this blog, we’ll share with you free wanted word research strategies that still work, and we’ll also talk about the latest way of doing keyword research that’s much faster than current methods And it is effective. Any guesses what the method is?

This is chet GPT, and holy moly! You will love what you see. And lastly, once you’ve identified those sought-after words, I’ll share with you ways to affirm them so you know you’re starting your blog on the right foot, which leads to Traffic increases massively.

A WordPress SEO Plugin that seeks to provide you with the fastest and most innovative SEO tools. We provide you with the latest SEO knowledge. There are two steps to finding the good wanted words for your blog or website.

The first required is the discovery of words. I’ll walk you through all the ways to find the types of wanted words and the most relevant wanted words. And then the next step is to verify whether the search volume and acceptable level of competition in the desired words you find.

But for now, I need to assume that you’re a beginner who doesn’t need help understanding the basics and different kinds of needed words. If you’re familiar with this, awesome! You can proceed using the time stamp in the description. But if you are new or just want to keep yourself updated.

Key word key words

Let’s start with the basics of required words. Now, when you write an essay and you improve your essay based on a targeted needed word, your essay is only for a required word. This holds many desirable words that search engines think they are related to their researchers. When researching keywords, you’ll see keywords with different search volumes, but they all mean the same thing.

10 Most Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses.

For example, how much can you earn from YouTube, whose search volume is 600 per month. And then, the required word “How much can you make from YouTube views” has 40 search volume every month. It’s all about “how much can you earn from YouTube videos”. But the purpose of searching these wanted words is the same. How much can one earn from YouTube?

So you don’t want to write an essay to target this desired word and any other subject to target this wanted word. You want to write an article that targets the search intent, and you can rank for all the other relevant required words.

I hope you will get the meaning because it’s very important in case of keyword research. You gotta read between the lines. And when in doubt, Google similar required words and see if the top ten results are almost the same.

Different Types of Keywords:

Next, we are going to talk about different types of wanted words. Now, assuming you are a BBQ retailer, you sell BBQ equipment such as grilling, smoking, etc. In your blog, when you will find new wanted words with methods that I will share later, you will have to know which category each of these wanted words belongs to so you can find the right one.

Be able to produce the right content to meet the objective.
First, we have “navigation required words.” These are the wanted words when someone tries to find a specific page on your site. For example, if your BBQ retail shop is named “Smokies” and someone wants to know if you have a refund policy, they search “Smokies money back” in search engines. POLICY” will type.

So people who are searching for this type of wanted words already know what they want from your website. You won’t have to research the keywords on these types of wanted words. With some business sense, you should be able to identify what they are.

The next type of wanted word is “Informative Wanted Words”. People searching for this sought after word want to gain information or learn something about their business or niche. For example, if someone swears “grilled ribs”, they are expecting a how-to guide, a step-by-step guide to what they need, ingredients, sauces, how long to grill, tender and basically On everything at the end.

People looking for these wanted words want to learn something and don’t intend to buy into them. But you can offer some recommendations in content if you need them. So, you’re starting a blog for your BBQ retail shop. In this case, you’ll provide tips and techniques for grinding different types of meat, and you can use insider connections to link informational content with commercial or transactional content to maximize your profits. And these are the next two types of needed words.

For commercialized terms, they are something like “BBQ Grill Reviews,” “Best Guess BBQ Grill,” and “BBQ Grill A vs. BBQ Grill B.”. People looking for such wanted words are in the research phase, and depending on their shopping habits, some may research further, and some may buy a product based on your recommendation.

And about “transactional desired words,” they’re something like “BBQ grill,” buy a specific brand of “BBQ grill”, and a discount code for a specific brand of “BBQ grill.” People searching for these wanted words have gone through a research process. They have decided which product they want and are ready to purchase.


These two types of wanted words will get you sold in your business. And the last type of wanted words that will also get you sales in your business is “Local Wanted Words.” For example, if someone wants to buy specific products such as “Weber Q 1250 Gas Grill” but needs it immediately, they may not want to buy it online and wait for shipment. They want to visit the local store to get this grill because they need it now.

So they’ll find wanted words near me like “Buy Weber Q1250 Guest Grill”, “Weber Q1250 guest grill for sale in San Francisco”, etc. So these are five types of wanted words, but your next question may be that transaction, commercial and local wanted words can sell in your business, shouldn’t we focus on everything on these three wanted words? Answer? You shouldn’t be doing it! Because you’re limiting your reach.

You should brand your blog, use it to get people to know your business, and be a reliable source of information for people interested in your business or niche. It shouldn’t be all about money. When creating a blog for your business, you must have a comprehensive approach, which should help your business grow in a way that’s more than just a product.

Okay, now that we know the basics and required word types, I quickly go through all the long existing methods to find relevant required words for your blog before we chat GPT Talk about a lot of fun.

#1: Google Tools.

In case you didn’t know, Google provides a lot of awesomely sought-after word research tools. You just have to know how to use them.

Google AutoSyst

The first is that Google Auto Hints, or some experienced SEOs, would call it Google Alphabet Soup. How it works is that you place a desired word in mind about your business or blog. And using the same BBQ example, we can start with a desired word, say “Best BBQ Sauce,” and then you begin to type the alphabet one letter at a time. As you type, you’ll see some needed word suggestions.

These are the keywords people are searching for on Google, and they can be important to your blog, so you’ll want to put them down. You can also add underscore, say “best BBQ sauce,” and you’ll see these relevant wanted words that are probably important for your blog. Using this auto-suggested method, you can add as many searched words to Google and let Google tell you what people are looking for.

People ask for section too

Then the next tool is People ask for “section too. You can also ask for the “people” section in the search of any required words on Google. And as the name suggests, these are the questions people are asking on Google. As you expand on each question, more relevant suggestions will appear.

You want to eliminate these required words or questions important for your blog. When researching the required words, you may want to ask as many questions as you can. When you can’t find any relevant questions, go back to enlarge your blog questions, and more relevant suggestions will be presented.

And just when you think you’ve finished that section, go to the search bar, search for another required words, and go through the same process.

Relevant search section

You’ll probably get a lot of needed word suggestions. And did you know, as you scroll down the search results page, you’ll see this “Related Search” section which can give you ideas for more wanted words?

Google Keyword Planner

Now the next Google tool is “Google Keyword Planner”. To get this tool, just search on Google, click the button and enter some information about your business. You are creating a Google Ads account, and you can access the tool from there.

If you already have google ads. Account, just go to the “tools and settings” tab. Under planning, you will see the desired word planner tool.

You can discover the new wanted word, “BBQ Gas Grill” by clicking on it and entering in the badge keyword. Get results, and it will give you a list of keywords related to seed keywords. This will tell you the volume of each search word so you know people are looking for the search word you are targeting.

Now, I’m not going to go into detail about using Google keyword planner to research the required words. In other words, this video is going to be too long. So if you want to know more about it, you can check out this page.

Search Google’s “site:” command

The ultimate google tool you can use to research wanted words is the “Site Colon” method. This works pretty well if you want to know what topics your competitors are targeting. Let’s just say the barbecue website is your competitor.

You want to copy the site address, go to Google, type in site: “ and paste the site URL without any space. When you hit Inter, Google’s got a lot of index pages on that domain. When you scroll through the results, you’ll pick up some useful topics that can be applied to your blog.

On the top of that, you want to know your opponent’s articles that have a badge title, for example, “Gas Girl”. So on the search bar, hit the space and add the required words or badge title, and it’ll come up with articles from your competitor’s site that Google thinks is related to the badge title.

Also, if you want Google to find articles from your competitor’s site that contain a specific required word, all you need to do is enter the price. Google will find articles from your competitor’s site that contain the required words of the exact match. By using this method, you will definitely get a lot of desired words for your blog.

If you have eliminated the required words of your opponent, use this method on another competitor.

#2: Map of the Competitive Site

Google has all the tools. And since we’re on the topic of ‘finding the wanted word’, here’s another way. “Site Alternative: “ The trick is to find the required words in your competitor’s site map. Most sites will have a publicly available XML site map.

For example, this is a site. This is the url. Come on “ / sitemap. Add xML “. . #xML. In some sites “ / sitemap_index. xML will be “, so if you want” /sitemap. If you don’t find anyone under xML, you “/sitemap_index. xML “. can try it.

But note that some sites do not have a publicly available site map. Now, when you hit Inter, if the site map is public, you’ll see something that goes through situations like this and based on the text in the url, you’ll get the desired word ideas from there Can find out. By the way, if you want to know more about Site Map and how it can benefit your site.

#3: Answers dot com

works a bit like Quora, where you can ask a question, and other users on the site can answer your question. Very good site to explore informative needed words. Just enter a seed keyword like “How can I safely handle and store raw meat before and after grinding?” ” and it will show you the best answer.

And if you scroll further down, you’ll find relevant answers. Click on these, and as you scroll down, you’ll have some relevant wanted word ideas. Just a note the dot com just doesn’t work better in some oddities. You have to try it yourself.

#4: Answer the people

Now, Reply Public is another useful source for discovering keywords related to your niche. But do note that you are limited to three free searches per day on the site. Enter the required seed words, select the country and hit the search, and it will suggest questions about your seed’s required word.

It will give you “proposition words”, “comparison words”, “in alphabetical order”, and “words related to”. It’s just as simple as that.

#5: Ahrifs Keyword Generator

Ahrifs is a paid device, but they provide the public with numerous free tools with no wires attached. e.g. the required word generator. Enter a seed word like, “BBQ Tips” or any desired words related to your business or niche, onto its Wanted Word Generator. This will suggest a lot of relevant needed words with the volume and difficulty of searching them.

For the difficulty of the required words, the number will be so high that it is difficult to categorize. We will discuss this later. You can use this as a word confirmation tool. This is definitely a pretty handy tool for research on wanted words.

Google Tools and Arief Keyword Generators are the most useful in current keyword research methods. What do you think? Do you have any other current wanted word research methods to share? Leave them in the comments.

Chat GPT for Research of Required Words

Now, let’s discuss how to use Chat GPT for research on required words. Before anything else, you may have questions about whether you should use ChatGPT to write an article for publishing and ranking on search engines. And the answer is no. This goes against Google’s guidelines.

Chat GPT should be used as a guide and not the end solution. Also, ChatGPT is an amazing keyword research tool.. She learned and absorbed a lot of information on the web and is a very good assistant. To put this in context, if you’re an expert in a particular industry or niche, ChatGPT is just one level below you, to assist you in tasks to make it a top qualified assistant. But they don’t have to do all the work for you.

The best part is that you can treat Chat GPT like a human companion. Come check it out. Now, there is no stipulated order to tell the Chat GPT to do some work. You should say do something like you would dedicate your assistant to work.

Let’s take the BBQ retail shop as an example again. First, I will treat Chat GPT as a new employee of my business. So I’m gonna say this, “Assuming you’re a BBQ equipment store business owner trying to start a block to sell their product, please give me the list of underrated block titles in the BBQ odd” Provide.” When you enter, it will start writing a list like your instruction.

Now, this is interesting because with every new chat, it comes out with different ideas. But aren’t these the top types of your blog? They sure can do it. Right now, I still need to research keyword theories. At this point in view, I’m going with the top down method.

I’m doing research on higher categorys, and then I’ll delve deeper. It’s like you’re creating a whole site structure. I’ll show you the way down later. And if you want to know more about how to build a good site structure for SEO and higher rankings.

Let’s say your donut wants the chat GPT to continue on eight topics. So, “Please provide me a full list instead of stopping at eight.” It gives you even more high-level titles that your blog’s possibly high-level categories. Isn’t this amazing?

To me, this is what it is.You can only type what else are there? “But for the sake of this video, let’s go ahead.”.

Now, based on all these high-level topics, we’re saying this topic relates to my business, and I want to know what the key words are? I’ll ask Chat GPT what questions people asked about this topic, and it will go ahead in generating questions for you.

These questions can be keyword ideas for your blog.. Kind of cool, right? If you want more, just ask, “What else is there?” “And you can go ahead, and it’s practically giving you all the questions within the high-level title, making it easier for you to adapt to situations for your site.

I don’t know about you, but this is a game changer when it comes to research wanted words.. Now, these are informative needed words. You can ask about other types of required words. For example, if this high-level title contains commercial required words. I will ask you to please provide me questions that you intend to buy and are related to the topic, and it will list them for you.

You probably haven’t thought about some of these wanted words, which is pretty cool.
If you want local wanted words, you may ask, “Assuming the BBQ retail store is located in San Francisco, could you provide a list of questions with intent to buy that locals will ask on Google?” ” And Voila! This will start making a list of questions for you. Join me as we use another approach to research wanted words with Chat GPT.

What if you were to research keywords from the point of view below? Let’s start a fresh start. Let’s provide a list of keywords in “Comment Like BBQ Odd”, and it will start generating a group of wanted word ideas. Now, these are all one word required words that are extremely competitive.

If this list doesn’t help, you can adjust your command. Let’s say, “Can you provide long tail words instead?” ” And it will push you to receive those desired words. How cool is this? Of course, when it’s done, you can definitely ask for more.

Let’s group this list of keywords. In a higher level category so that we can build a good site structure. I’ll give a command, group them based on the aforementioned words, please their semi-consistency,” and it’ll start making them pro-group. And with this, you can create a good site structure for your website or blog.

As you can see, these are the high-level categories that your blog can own. So there are no set commands or rules. Just ask the right questions and research, and make sure the questions you ask are understandable by human beings, and it will give you its most extraordinary information.

And honestly, isn’t that mind blowing? Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing research. If you’re not getting value from this, please do us a favor and smash that thumbs up button. We really appreciate it. And now that we’ve got a bunch of keywords let’s confirm what we should focus on first.

Finding volume and verification of competitiveness

Now, the age-old SEO advice is to avoid writing articles on highly competitive topics. And this is still the truth. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them altogether.. Just put yourself in Google’s position. What is their mission statement?

Organizing the world’s information and making it globally accessible and useful.” And ensuring search results are useful. They want to make sure their top notch information is credible. And to do so, they have to analyze a lot of data points.. One of the statistics is if a website covers most or all the important required words in the industry or niche. And did they do it well?

I give you a resemblance. Let’s say you’re Google, and I’m a guy who covered a lot of SEO information, and I made it publicly available. Then comes this guy who claims to be an SEO expert. He’s nowhere known, and he doesn’t publish much content.

Who would you trust as Google? You want to trust the other guy, but you’re on Google. You can only decide what you see. So, you’ll probably trust me, right? But does that mean I’m more expert than this guy? You just never really know, right? That guy might be a pro. So apply it even if a topic is extremely competitive, you should still cover it as long as it’s relevant to your blog or business.

I hope it makes sense to you. With this in mind, the search words you find are important for your business or blog. But you have to verify if people are looking for it. And depending on the competency of keywords, you want to prioritize them accordingly.. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

Google Trends

I recommend using one of these tools to find out if the required word search volume is up to Google Trends. So we are on google trends.

Let’s plug in one of the most wanted words we’ve found. Say “Best BBQ Safety Tips”. When you search for it, nothing is found. Let’s change this around the world. If your target audience is in a particular country, feel free to change it.. Then let’s adjust the data limit as much as possible. Still nothing yet ? It’s ok to say.

When you put exactly the required words, sometimes you don’t see the result. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a volume to search for. Let’s remove the “best” and just leave out the “BBQ safety tips”. Even when we remove the “best”, the purpose of the search remains the same. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

Let’s go find out for her. So here we have some data. Whenever you see a graph with statistics, you see that it contains data. If there are no data, and it doesn’t matter if the graph trends up or down, it means that the search volume of 200 searches per month or more.

For example, a graph with statistics indicates that the search volume is 500 or more. No graph, but with statistics indicating about 100 searches each month. I’ll show you some proofs in a little while. Basically, we’ve been saying this.

This is the closest gauge ever. So if there’s no data in the correct needed words you’ve found, try adjusting it to normal needed words, and you’ll have an idea of the search volume. This takes some skill, but the information is more accurate than any desirable word research tool you may use. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

Ahreefz Keywords Generator

But if you want to use the easy way, this is to use the alphabet’s required word generator. Now, rival keywords are some limits to generator data because you can’t filter data from around the world. You can only guess the statistics of the country. I present to you a real example. So we are on Ahrifs’ keyword generator and will be researching keyword “best bamboo toothbrush”. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

Let’s select, search, and you will see search volume at 350 searches each month. If we visit Google Trends using just US data, it would indicate approximately 200+ searches each month, which is close. But if you filter the results of Google Trends worldwide, you can see that it indicates 500 searches or more each month.

And if you visit the Google Search Console, we can see that, under the comments, for that sought word, it’s getting more than 600 monthly searches. This is a global statistic. Let’s adjust this to the US stats, and you’ll see approximately 171 searches per month for wanted words in the US.

This shows Ahrifs results are very good, but it’s limited to the country’s statistics. And if your website is causing traffic around the world, if you rely solely on the US. Data as a data gauge around the world, you have a lot to catch up on. And this is why I prefer to use Google Trends to verify search volume, especially when it comes to targeting worldwide traffic. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

Verify the key word contest

Okay, once you’ve identified that the search volume in a particular required word, let’s determine the level of competition to focus on which required word first. To do so, I will install Chrome Extensions such as MoveBar, Ubrosegast, or any extension that will tell you the domain and page authority of the search results.

For that matter, I would most definitely use Chrome extensions. Let’s look for the key phrase “BBQ Safety Tips”, and we can see that the top results are with Domain Authority 83, 68, 71, and 93, which are relatively high. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

If you look at sites with more than 50 domain authority in the first ten results, it’s extremely competitive. And if you’re seen ranking higher authority sites or official sites for that desired word, you’re gonna want to target something else besides that.

Let’s do another one, call it “sustainable swimming”. From this, we can see that the domain authority of the top ten results are 56, 29, 17 and 38. This is 89 , 43.
So, there are a lot of sites with less than 50 ranked domain authority for that required word.
So this is key word competitive but at an acceptable level. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

So we gonna target this wanted word first.

The key is that you need traffic to your site to get noticed and grow into authority. If you’re targeting all the highly competitive required words at the beginning, you don’t rank, no one will visit your site, and your site will never grow.


Does this make sense to you? For reciting, the first step in finding good required words for your site is to use one of the required words I’ve mentioned. Cheat GPT is a game changer because it will save you so much time. Then the next step is to verify if the required words contain the search volume. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023

I prefer to use Google trends for research because the information I get is more comprehensive globally. The last step is to determine keyword competition so that you can prioritize the required low competition words first to gain search visibility and traffic and ultimately build authority. When your site is more established, you’ll want to target more competitive wanted words.. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023


I hope it makes sense to you. With everything we’ve shared, we hope you can devise your desired word research strategy to find the most relevant wanted words that will bring high-quality traffic to your site.

If you are getting value from this, we hope you can smash that thumbs up button if you still need to do so, and if you still need go to our site, Consider doing so to keep yourself up to date on the right SEO knowledge. This is Mahmood and Shahzad. Be the best! And I’ll see you in the next blog. How to Research Keywords for Free in 2023


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