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How to Buy Bitcoin with Apple pay?

How to Buy Bitcoin with Apple pay?

How to Buy Bitcoin with Apple pay? Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay using iPhone and iOS devices at various leading cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, BitPay and more.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are introducing different ways to buy Bitcoin
BTC Tucker down $20,734 Using the payment method on Apple Pay.

This comes as a good move to adopt Bitcoin as the Apple Pay digital wallet shares more than 507 million mobile purse downloads and a dominant market share of 43.5% in the U.S. mobile payment market.

The ability to merge and buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay now offers new crypto opportunities for iPhone users. This article explains how to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay.

What’s a Digital Purse on Apple pay?

Apple Pay, which was introduced in 2014, is a mobile payment service for web payments using iOS and uses Apple products.

It’s commonly used as an Apple Pay application on iPhones and Apple watches. It allows consumers to pay for music, movies and apps with one simple connectivity.

With the introduction of near-field communication (NFC) technology, offline stores are now accepting Apple Pay, which leads to increased connection payments with Apple Pay. How to Buy Bitcoin with Apple pay?

NFC is a proximity-based wireless connectivity technology that utilizes magnetic fields to enable communication between devices when brought closer to each other.

Apple Pay has thousands of apps and offline stores worldwide, allowing customers to purchase multiple goods and services while using NFC to purchase Bitcoin with their iPhone and Apple Watch Yes.

Different ways to Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay

Although Apple doesn’t have bitcoin or crypto integration directly on its devices, many popular apps and platforms do facilitate the delivery of transactions or cryptocurrency. Here are the different ways to buy bitcoin using Apple Pay.

Buy bitcoin with apple pay through coinbase
Coinbase is a US-based crypto trading and investment platform that offers multiple services and enables consumers to buy, sell, exchange and store cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase is expanding its presence in the cryptocurrency space through partnerships with major giants like Visa and MasterCard to offer ramp crypto trading through instant purchases with credit and debit cards.

In June 2021, Coinbase introduced Bitcoin purchasing using Apple Pay linked to a debit card, to enable a more convenient option for iOS users. However, crypto selling and choosing cash with this mode is not yet available.

Steps to Buy bitcoin Using Apple Pay on Coinbase

Log in to your Coinbase account on the website or app using the tool that supports Apple Pay.
Select Bitcoin in cryptocurrency options.

Enter the amount of bitcoin to buy in the “Buy BTC” option.
Select Apple Pay from list of available payment methods.
Verify Bitcoin purchases using Apple Pay.

It’s important to note that Apple will automatically appear as a payment option if a Visa or MasterCard debit card is linked to the basic ApplePay digital wallet. If not, make sure you do so first before proceeding with the above steps.

The limit to buying BTC using Apple Pay on Coinbase depends on the amount of debit card transactions and coinbase limits and is subject to change according to policy, geographical region and location.

Anyone can check these limits in the coinbase app under settings ETH), Litecoin
LTC Tucker down $ 82.26 And the xrp of ripple X R P Tucker down $ 0.38
Coins can also be purchased using Apple Pay in a similar manner.

Buy Bitcoin with Apple pay on Binance

Binance has first introduced and started providing merger with ApplePay to UK and European Economic Area (EEA) citizens only to purchase cryptocurrencies using credit and debit cards. In December 2022, Binance will announce Apple Pay (only for debit cards) for US account holders to deposit US dollars and buy crypto.

This not only opens up opportunities for purchasing but also bitcoin and crypto investments using Apple Pay on Binance.

Steps to buy bitcoin using Apple Pay on Binance Login to Binance app on your iOS device. Click on “wallet,” select US dollar and collect US dollars. Add “ Payment Method “ and add on Apple Pay.

Go ahead to buy BTC or other cryptocurrencies with this deposit.

It’s important to note that Apple Pay will only work for debit card merger for the US, while for the US and EEA, a credit card is an additional option. Also, a 3.75% fee applies on deposits when using Apple Pay in the US and transactions occur approximately 2% in the UK, subject to change as per policy.

Consumers must ensure to check for fee changes on the exchange with which they exchange.
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Buy Bitcoins Using Apple Pay on Bit-pay

Bit-Pay is the largest bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia.

This allows businesses, traders and institutions to accept cryptocurrency payments and convert them into fiat currencies.

In addition to Bitcoin, BitPay also supports popular solid coins such as the US dollar coins.
USDC Tucker down $ 1.00 And for Apple Pay purchases, BinanceUSD ( BUSD ). Users need to add their BitcoinPay crypto debit card to Apple Pay and then use Bitcoin to make purchases to accept Apple Pay globally.

BitPay has partnered with Simplex and Wire to make these Apple Pay payments possible.
Steps to buy bitcoin using Apple Pay on BitPay
Log in to Buttpay app. How to Buy Bitcoin with Apple pay?

Load BTC on your bit pay debit card.Add Buttpay Card in ApplePay in Buttpay App.

Buy bitcoins with apple pay using meta mask

MetaMask, the Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet provider, now also allows users to buy cryptocurrencies through Apple Pay.

Meta Mask Announces Apple Pay Support in April 2022. Since it is not a direct merger with Apple, the meta mask is shipped wire to users, which means they can pay by credit/debit card or via ApplePay. Wire is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers crypto for Fiat via API and merges with Apple Pay.

MetaMask allows its Apple Pay users a maximum

daily deposit limit of $400 in their wallets and their own transaction fee (0.875% transaction amount) along with gas fees. Further, buying crypto through MetaMask allows users to use various decentralized applications (DAPs) and Web3 services where MetaMask is available.

However, in-store contactless purchases are still not available through this procedure.
Steps to buy bitcoin using Apple Pay through Meta Mask
Log in to your Meta Mask account on browser or app.

Install on Apple Pay through the app. Know your customer on the card linked to Apple Pay.
“Add funds, click “” BTC and enter the amount”. Select Apple Pay as payment method.
Verify and complete the transaction.

Although the four methods mentioned are quite well known, there are many other wallets, exchanges and platforms where one can reap the benefits of buying bitcoin with ApplePay that are not limited to exit, Paksefull, CEX. U, lomi wallet, and much more. Consumers should familiarize themselves with the terms, conditions, fees and others before choosing their preferred method.

Should You Buy Crypto With Apple Pay?

There’s no straight answer to whether consumers should choose to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using the Apple Pay method. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to doing so.

Positive includes quick, easy and straightforward transactions. Apple Pay’s contactless payment technology has made it a preferred payment method for thousands of years and among General Z users in the U.S.

Statistics from Apple Pay claim its contactless payment method has 85 percent of U.S. retailers have accepted fiat payments. This user’s preference is also reflected by the large number of crypto platforms, exchanges and wallets that are bringing Apple Pay’s offline merger.

However, the negatives to watch include scams, hacks and malware as well as the risk of financial loss due to crypto fluctuations that could cause steep fluctuations in prices when buying. Therefore, consumers must do thorough research before making informed decisions and utilizing the various crypto payment methods available in the market.

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